North Carolina Driver License(NC) | old ironsides fakes


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North Carolina Driver License(NC) | old ironsides fakes

A.Free duplicate, free shipping with rush shipping available for an additional fee.

B. Same material as a real ID.

C. Real, high quality microprint.

D.REAL HOLOGRAMS with detailed coloring matching the real ID.

E. Scannable and swipable. This ID passes scan and swipe tests because of its encoded magstrip and real barcode.

F. UV ink ensures that this ID will pass under a blacklight test.

Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse of what an old Maine driver license looked like? Take your time and check out this old version of the state’s driver license!

It is a reprint of the 1961 Maine driver license. The 1961 Maine driver license is reproduced on a clear plastic license with both the front and back side shown. It requires white cover paper for protection.

This item features a front and back realistic image of Maine’s driver license. The background color is the same gray as applied for all the current New England states including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Your Maine driver license will be mailed to you within 15 days of applying.

North Carolina Driver License(NC) old ironsides fakes

To get your ME Driver License you’ll need to pass a vision test, knowledge test and road skills test. If you’ve never been licensed before you must complete the state-approved driver education course (8 hours in class and 6 hours in a car) then take a written test to get a learner’s permit (if you’re under age 22). Tests will be given at DMV offices throughout Maine.

Finally. A traveler’s wallet designed specifically for safe and secure storage of your driver’s license. Crafted with leather, this wallet features a state of the art RFID protection lining to block all electronic identity theft, keeping your information safe, secure and private wherever your adventures lead you.